Catholic Campus

Youth Apostles and Women Youth Apostles

Youth Apostles

Youth Apostles is a non-profit organization officially approved by the Catholic Church as a mixed Public Association of Christ’s Faithful.

We are priests and laymen who work with other volunteers to inspire young people to live a Christ-like life.

Our members commit to live a life of deep faith in Jesus Christ, of persistent prayer and participation in the sacraments. Youth Apostles endeavor to support one another and to serve young people together.

We form our members and volunteers in faith, fellowship, service, and youth ministry. Founded in the Diocese of Arlington, Youth Apostles minister in several states and serve thousands of young people each year.

Women Youth Apostles

Women Youth Apostles is a community of women who have made a serious commitment to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church. We are seeking to become a public association of the faithful in the Diocese of Arlington (Virginia). Alongside our brother community, the Youth Apostles, we are committed to youth and campus ministry, in the spirit of St. John Bosco.

We are united  through a particular promise to a deep spiritual life and common apostolic service to young people. As a community, we come together for prayer including Liturgy of the Hours and Mass, formation, and to share openly with one another about our lives and our efforts to respond to this challenging call.

We work with our sisters in community, brothers in Youth Apostles, and other great youth ministry leaders in our parishes and dioceses, seeking to develop communities of young people centered on Christ. We serve as volunteers and staff in youth ministry and campus ministry, moderating Catholic Life Communities (often referred to as CLCs), retreats, WorkCamps, Alternative Spring Breaks, bible studies, and theater ministry programs.