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Our Mission

Our Mission is to support, challenge and inspire students, faculty and staff to grow in faith and live out their call to be true disciples of Christ on campus and in their daily lives. Founded on Christ’s teachings and the Eucharist we prepare Catholic leaders for service to the Church and world through the pillars of faith, community, and service.

Our Pillars


“The faith community at the Catholic Campus Ministry is tangible from the moment you step in the door. It has been so inspiring to see the emphasis of the sacraments and prayer! This community has shown me how to have a real relationship with my savior, and without exaggeration, changed my life for the better.”

-Grace Finch


“There is such a great group of people who come together to make each other stronger. I can turn to anyone here for help at any time. For that, I am forever grateful.”
– Tali Sangiuliano


“Going on an ASB allowed me to grow much closer with members of the community whom I would not otherwise spend time with. The deeply personal bonds we developed by service, prayer, and meaningful conversation has reshaped my idea of friendship, giving me a deeper appreciation for what a true friendship looks like.” -Vincent Parente

Campus Ministry Staff


Fr. Tom Yehl, Y.A.


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Chris Hitzelberger



Margot Eller

Development Director


Kathyrn Schneider

Finance Manager


Paige Farquhar

Campus Ministry Fellow

unnamed (5)

Makayla Puzio

Office Assistant

FOCUS Missionaries

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Kathleen Calvin

FOCUS Team Leader



FOCUS Missionary



FOCUS Missionary

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Andy Eastman

FOCUS Missionary

Servant Leader Team

Stephen DeCelle

Student Campus Minister

Tallie McGirr

Assistant Student Campus Minister

Nick Eastman

Community Minister

Rae Kelly

Communications Minister

Virginia Fehrer

Formation Minister

Gia Rogers

Music Minister

Tibby Heard

Liturgy Minister

Sabrina Whearty

Service and Justice Minister

Ryan Hepler

Evangelization Minister

Zach Moore

Outreach Minister